Worki na śmieci 10L - 50 sztuk

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Tolerancjado 10% (Wymiary, gramatura, waga)


  • Product authorised in the Euro-Asian countries of the Customs Union
  • The product is made of high density polyethylene and can be recycled. HDPE Packaging is reusable (after washing with lukewarm water with non-aggressive detergents and without the use of abrasioners (powders, pastes)
  • Packaging made of paper
  • Take care of cleanliness, discard packaging and dispose of the product in the Trash
  • Keep away from children
Tolerancjado 10% (Wymiary, gramatura, waga)

Applies to

  • How to choose the right size of bag? Too little bag can slide down from the rim of the trash, so that the waste will fall directly into the container. Why choose the bag that is inserted into the trash can will stick out beyond his rant on about 15 cm.
  • Before you buy a specific garbage bags to consider how they will be used. Buying bags for the kitchen, we should opt for a thicker, more durable models, which certainly does not burst during launch. On the other hand, when it comes to garbage bags used in the Office or bathroom, can be put on thinner models.
  • How to properly evaluate the thickness of liners?
    Compare with each other rolls, which include the same pieces bags – they are thicker, the thicker the foil, which made garbage bags.
Tolerancjado 10% (Wymiary, gramatura, waga)
Tolerancjado 10% (Wymiary, gramatura, waga)