Woreczki z suwakiem 2L - 6 sztuk

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  • Product intended to come into contact with food, does not affect the taste and smell of food
  • Product authorised in the Euro-Asian countries of the Customs Union
  • Packaging made of paper
  • Packing made polypropylene, PP is considered (next to PET) for plastic safest for our health
  • Take care of cleanliness, discard packaging and dispose of the product in the Trash

Czy wiesz. że... Papier do pieczenia pomaga usunać plamy z wosku. Wystarczy rozgrzać żelazko i na plamę przyłożyć kartkę. Wosk wniknie w papier, a zabrudzony materiał pozostanie czysty.

Vi-Go radzi! Przykryj papierem wierzch ciasta, aby zapobiec jego przypaleniu lub nadmiernemu zarumienieniu.


  • Ideal for storing food and items
  • Have a closure that allows easy opening and closing
  • Protects against moisture
  • Made of strong foil
  • Reusable product


  • The zipping pouches are perfect for the kitchen. You can not hide food in the fridge, as well as food products for freezers. In the refrigerator, fruits and vegetables, as well as cheeses or even ground coffee retain freshness and intense aroma. In the freezer, products tuced in bags can be signed, so we always know what and when it was frozen.