Kubki papierowe z pokrywką 250 ml - 6 sztuk

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  • Packaging made of polypropylene, PP is considered (PET) plastic safest for our health
  • Product intended to come into contact with food, does not affect the taste and smell of food
  • Take care of your purity, packs of spent product discard in the trash

Czy wiesz. że... Papier do pieczenia pomaga usunać plamy z wosku. Wystarczy rozgrzać żelazko i na plamę przyłożyć kartkę. Wosk wniknie w papier, a zabrudzony materiał pozostanie czysty.

Vi-Go radzi! Przykryj papierem wierzch ciasta, aby zapobiec jego przypaleniu lub nadmiernemu zarumienieniu.


  • Ideal for hot drinks
  • Lid tightly fitting to the cup perfectly protects against the beverage
  • It maintains the temperature of the hot beverage very well
  • Safe to use – no worries about hand-down


  • Paper cups with lid are designed mainly for dining outlets, cafes or restaurants, but their use can be much broader. They are also ideal for coffee lovers who want to enjoy the taste of their favorite beverage on a walk, on the way to work or during a picnic.


Number of pieces in a carton:12
number of cartons per pallet layer10
layers per pallet6
number of cartons on a pallet60
number of pieces on the pallet720
Unit weight0.058 kg
Master carton weight0.92 kg
Pallet weight (incl. palette)75.2 kg